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Wyoming, our 44th state, was admitted to the Union July 10, 1890.   The 2000 census has Wyoming's population at 493,782, ranking  50th in the US.  With a total area of  97,814 square miles, the state ranks 10th  in size.  Wyoming's capital, Cheyenne, is also its largest city.

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Wyoming fun facts:


Wyoming State Bird:  Western meadowlark

Wyoming State Flower:  Indian paintbrush

Wyoming State Motto:  Equal rights

Wyoming State Song:  Wyoming

Wyoming State Tree:  Plains Cottonwood

Nicknames:  Equality State, Cowboy State


The geographic center of Wyoming lies in Fremont County, 58 miles ENE of Lander.  At 13,804 feet, Gannett Peak in the Wind River Range in the Bridger Wilderness Area is the state's highest point.  The name Wyoming comes from the Algonquian words for "large prairie place," "at the big plains," or "on the great plain."


Brief History:  Shoshone, Crow, Cheyenne, Oglala Sioux, and Arapaho peoples live in Wyoming at the time of European contact.  French explorers Francois and Louis La Verendrye were the first Europeans to see the region, in 1743.  American John Colter was the first to explore the Yellowstone region 1807-1808; a bay in Jackson Lake and a townsite in Grand Teton National Park bears his name.  Trappers and fur traders followed in the 1820s.  Forts Laramie and Bridger were important stops on the pioneer trails to the West Coast.  When the Union Pacific crossed the state in 1868, it brought population growth.  Women won the vote, for the first time in the US, from the Territorial Legislature in 1869.  

Conflict between large land owners and small ranchers spurred the Johnson County Cattle War n 1892; federal troop were called in to restore order.


Wyoming is home to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.  Established in 1872, Yellowstone is the oldest National Park in the United States.  Wyoming also claims two National Monuments: Devil's Tower and Fossil Butte.  Other popular Wyoming destinations include the National Elk Refuge, near Jackson; Fort Laramie National Historic Site and nearby pioneer trail ruts; Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody; Cheyenne Frontier Days, Cheyenne; Fort Bridger State Historic Site; Medicine Wheel National Historic Site, near Burgess Junction; Fort Bridger State Historic Site, Mountain View; Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area; skiing and other activities at Jackson Hole; Independence Rock State Historic Site, between Muddy Gap and Alcova; South Pass City State Historic Site; The Wind River Range and the Bridger and Popo Agie Wilderness Areas, and the world's largest Mineral Hot Springs at Thermopolis.

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