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Utah, our 45th state, was admitted to the Union January 4, 1896.   The 2000 census has Utah's population at 2,233,169, ranking  34th in the US.  With a total area of  84,899 square miles, the state ranks 13th  in size.  Utah's capital, Salt Lake City, is also its largest city.

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Utah fun facts:


Utah State Bird:  Seagull

Utah State Flower:  Sego lily

Utah State Motto:  Industry

Utah State Song:  Utah, We Love Thee

Utah State Tree:  Blue Spruce

Nickname:  Beehive State


The geographic center of Utah lies in Sanpete County, three miles north of Manti.  At 13,528 feet, Kings Peak, part of the Uintas Mountain Range in the High Uintas Wilderness Area, is the state's highest point.  The name Utah comes from the Navajo meaning "upper," or "higher up," as applied to a Shoshone tribe called Ute.  Spanish form is Yutta.  The English is Uta or Utah.  The proposed name Deseret, "land of honeybees," from the Book of Mormon, was rejected by Congress.


Brief History:  Ute, Gosiute, Southern Paiute and Navajo were early inhabitants of the area.  Spanish Franciscans visited the region in 1776; American fur traders followed.  Permanent settlement began with the arrival of the Mormons in 1847.  Their hard work and persistence drew prosperity from the arid land.  Mormon leaders established the State of Deseret in 1849, and requested admission to the Union.  Congress instead established the territory of Utah the following year, appointing Brigham Young governor.  The Union and Pacific Railroads met near Promontory on May 10, 1869, creating the first transcontinental railroad.  Statehood was withheld from Utah until 1896, after a long period of controversy over the Mormon Church's doctrine of polygamy, which it abandoned in 1890.


Utah's scenic beauty is preserved in six spectacular National Parks:  Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Grand Staircase - Escalante, and Zion; and six National Monuments: Cedar Breaks, Dinosaur (with Colorado), Hovenweep (with Colorado), Natural Bridges, Rainbow Bridge, and Timpanogos Cave.  Other popular Beehive State destinations include Temple Square, Mormon Church headquarters, Salt Lake City; Great Salt Lake; Lake Powell; Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area; Golden Spike National Historic Site, Promontory; Butch Cassidy Home, Circleville; and the Park City ski areas.


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