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South Carolina was the 8th of the original 13states to ratify the Constitution, on May 23, 1788.  The 2000 census has South Carolina's population at 4,012,012, ranking  26th in the US.  With a total area of  32,020 square miles, the state ranks 40th  in size.  South Carolina's capital, Columbia, is also its largest city.

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South Carolina fun facts:


South Carolina State Bird:  Carolina wren

South Carolina State Flower:  Yellow jessamine

South Carolina State Motto:  While I breathe, I hope

South Carolina State Song:  Carolina

South Carolina State Tree  Palmetto

Nickname:  Palmetto State


The geographic center of South Carolina lies in Richland County, 13 miles SE of Columbia.  At 3.560 feet, Sassafras Mountain, on the North Carolina border near Lake Jocassee, is the state's highest point.  In 1619, Charles I gave a large patent to Sir Robert Heath to be called Province of Carolana, from Carolus, Latin name for Charles.  A new patent was granted by Charles II to Earl of Clarendon and others.  Divided into North and South Carolina, 1710.  


Brief History:  Cherokee, Catawba, and Muskogean peoples lived in the area when the first English colonists settled near the Ashley River in 1670.  The settlement moved to the site of Charleston a decade later.  The colonists seized the government in 1775, causing the royal governor to flee.  The British took Charleston in 1780, but were defeated at Kings Mountain that same year, and at Cowpens and Eutaw Springs in 1781.  In the 1830s, South Carolinians, angered by federal protective tariffs, adopted the Nullification Doctrine, holding that a state can void an act of Congress.  South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union, 1860; Confederate troops fired on and forced the surrender of US troops at Four Sumter in Charleston Harbor, launching the Civil War.  South Carolina was readmitted to the Union in 1868.


South Carolina is home to Congaree Swamp and Fort Sumter National Monuments.  Other Palmetto State attractions include Historic Charleston; Charleston Museum, established in 1773, the oldest museum in the US; Middleton Place, Magnolia Plantation, Cypress Gardens, and Drayton Hall, all near Charleston; other gardens at Brookgreen, Edisto, and Glencairn; Myrtle Beach; Hilton Head Island; Revolutionary War battle sites; Andrew Jackson State Park & Museum; South Carolina State Museum, Columbia; and the Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia.


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