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North Dakota, our 39th state, was admitted to the Union November 2, 1889.   The 2000 census has North Dakota's population at 642,200, ranking  47th in the US.  With a total area of  70,700 square miles, the state ranks 19th  in size.  North Dakota's capital is Bismarck; Fargo is  its largest city.

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North Dakota fun facts:


North Dakota State Bird:   Western meadowlark

North Dakota State Flower:  Wild prairie rose

North Dakota State Motto:  Liberty and union, now and forever, one and inseparable

North Dakota State Song:  North Dakota Hymn

North Dakota State Tree:  American elm

Nickname:  Peace Garden State


The geographic center of North Dakota lies in Sheridan County, 5 miles SW of McClusky.  At 3,506 feet, White Butte, north of Bowman in Slope County, is the state's highest point.  The name Dakota comes from the Sioux, for "friend" or "ally."  


Brief History:  At the time of European contact, the Ojibwa, Yanktonai and Teton Sioux, Mandan Arikara, and Hidatsa peoples inhabited the region.  Pierre de Varennes was the first French fur trader in the are in 1738, followed by the English.  The US acquired half the territory in the 1803 Louisiana Purchase.  Lewis and Clark built Fort Mandan, near present day Stanton, 1804-1805, and wintered there.  In 1818. American ownership of the rest of the state was confirmed by agreement with Britain.  The first permanent settlement was established at Pembina in 1812.  Missouri River steamboats reached the area by 1832.  The first railroad arrived in 1873, bringing many homesteaders.  The "bonanza farm" craze of the 1870's-1880's attracted many settlers.  The state was the first to hold a national Presidential primary, in 1912.  


North Dakota is home to Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  Other North Dakota attractions include the North Dakota Heritage Center, Bismarck; Bonanzaville, Fargo; Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site; Lake Sakakawea; International Peace Garden; Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park and Museum, near Mandan; Dakota Dinosaur Museum, Dickinson; and Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site.


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