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Missouri, our 24th state, was admitted to the Union August 10th, 1821.   The 2000 census has Missouri's population at 5,595,211, ranking  17th in the US.  With a total area of  69,704 square miles, the state ranks 21st  in size.  Missouri's capital is Jefferson City; its largest city is Kansas City.

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Missouri fun facts:


Missouri State Bird:  Bluebird

Missouri State Flower:  Hawthorn

Missouri State Motto:  The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law

Missouri State Song:  Missouri Waltz

Missouri State Tree:  Dogwood

Nickname: Show Me State


The geographic center of Missouri lies in in Miller County, 20 miles SW of Jefferson City.  At 1,772 feet, Taum Sauk Mountain, west of Arcadia, is the state's highest point.  The name Missouri is an Algonquin Indian term meaning "river of the big canoes."


Brief History:  Early inhabitants of the region were Algonquian Sauk, Fox, and Illinois and Siouan Osage, Missouri, Iowa and Kansa peoples.  Hernando de Soto explored the area in 1541.  French hunters and lead miners first settled the area circa 1735 at Ste. Genevieve.  The French ceded the territory to Spain in 1763, who returned it to France almost four decades later.  The US gained Missouri as part of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase.  The influx of white settlers drove Native American tribes into the Kansas and Oklahoma territories; most were gone by the mid-1830's.  The fur trade and the Santa Fe Trail provided prosperity.  St. Louis became the gateway for pioneers heading West.  Missouri entered the Union as a slave state in 1821.  Though it remained with the Union, pro- and anti-slavery forces battled there during the Civil War.


Attractions in the Show Me State include the Ozark National Scenic Riverways; Silver Dollar City, Branson; Mark Twain Area, Hannibal; Pony Express Museum, St. Joseph; Harry S. Truman Library, Independence; Gateway Arch, St. Louis; Worlds of Fun, Kansas City; Lake of the Ozarks; Churchill Memorial, Fulton; and Jesse James' birthplace, Kearney.


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