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Minnesota, our 32nd state, was admitted to the Union May 11, 1858.   The 2000 census has Minnesota's population at 4,919,479, ranking  21st in the US.  With a total area of  86,939 square miles, the state ranks 12th  in size.  Minnesota's capital is St. Paul; Minneapolis is its largest city.

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Minnesota fun facts:


Minnesota State Bird:  Common loon

Minnesota State Flower:  Pink and white lady's-slipper

Minnesota State Motto:  The star of the north

Minnesota State Song:  Hail! Minnesota

Minnesota State Tree:  Red pine

Nickname: North Star State, Gopher State


The geographic center of Minnesota lies in Crow Wing County, 10 miles SW of Brainerd.  At 2,301 feet, Eagle Mountain, in the Pat Bayle State Forest in the NE corner, is the state's highest point.  The name Minnesota is from the Dakota Sioux word meaning "cloudy water" or "sky-tinted water" of the Minnesota River.  


Brief History:  Dakota Sioux, and later Ojibwa, were early inhabitants of the area.  They were joined by French fur traders in the mid-17th century.  In 1679, French explorer Daniel Greysolon, sieur Duluth, claimed the entire region for France.  Britain took the area east of the Mississippi in 1763.  The US took over that portion after the American Revolution and gained the western area in the 1803 Louisiana Purchase.  In 1819 the US built Fort St. Anthony, and in 1837 bought Native American lands, spurring an influx of settlers from the east.  The Territory of Minnesota was created in 1849.  In 1862 the Sioux incited a bloody uprising, the Battle of Woods Lake, and were driven from the state.


Minnesota is home to Voyageurs National Park, with its abundant lakes, forests, wildlife, canoeing, and boating; and to Grand Portage and Pipestone National Monuments.  Other Minnesota attractions include the Minneapolis Institute for the Arts, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Minnehaha Falls (inspiration for Longfellow's Hiawatha), Guthrie Theater, all in Minneapolis; Ordway Theater, St. Paul; St. Paul Winter Carnival; and the North Shore of Lake Superior.



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