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Massachusetts was the sixth of the 13 original states to ratify the Constitution, on February 6, 1788.   The 2000 census has Massachusetts's population at 6,349,097, ranking  13th in the US.  With a total area of 10,555 square miles, the state ranks 44th  in size.  Massachusetts's capital, Boston, is also its largest city.

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Massachusetts fun facts:


Massachusetts State Bird:  Chickadee

Massachusetts State Flower:  Mayflower

Massachusetts State Motto:  By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty

Massachusetts State Song:  All Hail to Massachusetts

Massachusetts State Tree:  American elm

Nicknames:  Bay State, Old Colony


The geographic center of Massachusetts lies in Worcester County, in the north part of the city of Worcester.  At 3,487 feet, Mount Greylock in Mount Greylock State Reserve in the NW corner is the state's highest point.  Massachusetts is named for the Indian tribe of the same name;  the tribe was named for a "large hill place," identified by Captain John Smith as being near the town of Milton.


Brief History:  Early inhabitants were the Algonquian, Nauset, Wampanoang, Massachuset, Pennacook, Nipmuc and Pocumtuc peoples.  Pilgrims settled Plymouth in 1620, giving thanks for their survival with the first Thanksgiving Day, 1621.  About 20,000 new settlers arrived between 1630 and 1640.  Native American relations with the colonists deteriorated, leading to the King Philip's war in the mid 1670's; the victory of the colonists ended Native American resistance.  Demonstrations against British restrictions ignited the Boston Massacre in 1770 and the Boston Tea Party three years later.  The first blood of the American Revolution was shed at Lexington in 1775.


The Bay State is home to Cape Cod National Seashore and many other popular tourist destinations, including the Provincetown artists' colony; Cape Cod; Plymouth Rock, Plimouth Plantation, Mayflower II, all at Plymouth; Freedom Trail, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Children's Museum, Museum of Science, New England Aquarium, JFK Library, Boston Ballet, Boston Pops, Boston Symphony Orchestra, all in Boston.  Tanglewood, Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, Hancock Shaker Village, Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum, all in the Berkshires; Salem; Old Sturbridge Village; Deerfield Historic District; Walden Pond; and the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield.


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