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Florida, our 27th state, was admitted to the Union March 3, 1845.   The 2000 census has Florida's population at 15,982,378, ranking  4th in the US.  With a total area of  65,755 square miles, the state ranks 26th  in size.  Florida's capital is Tallahassee; its largest city is Jacksonville.

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Florida fun facts:


Florida State Bird:  Mockingbird

Florida State Flower:  Orange blossom

Florida State Motto:  In God We Trust

Florida State Song:  Old Folks at Home

Florida State Tree:  Sabal palmetto palm

Nickname:  Sunshine State


The geographic center of Florida is located 12 miles NNW of Brooksville, in Hernando County.  The highest point in Florida, at 345 feet, is located just east of Paxton in the Panhandle's Walton County.  Florida was named by Ponce de Leon, Pascua Florida, "Flowery Easter," on Easter Sunday, 1513.


Brief History:  The original inhabitants of Florida included the Timucua, Apalachee, and Calusa peoples.  The Seminole later migrated from Georgia, becoming dominant in Florida in the early 18th century.  Florida was discovered by Ponce de Leon in 1513.  France established Fort Caroline on the St. John's River in 1564.  Spain settled St. Augustine on the east coast, the oldest permanent European settlement in the US, in 1565.  In 1763, Spain ceded Florida to Great Britain, which held the area for 20 years before returning it to Spain.  After Andrew Jackson led a US invasion, Spain ceded Florida to the US in 1819.  Although Florida seceded from the Union in 1861, it was little affected by the Civil War and was readmitted to the Union in 1868.


Florida is a major tourist destination, drawing visitors from all over the world.  Attractions include Biscayne, Dry Tortugas, and Everglades National Parks; Castillo de San Marcos and Fort Matanzas National Monuments; Disney World; Sea World Orlando; Universal Studios; Spaceport USA and Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral; Ringling Museum, Sarasota; Cypress Gardens, Winter Haven; Busch Gardens, Tampa; Mariana Caverns; Silver Springs, Ocala; the Florida Keys, and beaches all along the extensive coastline.



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