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About the New Jersey State Flag


The origin of New Jersey state flag dates all the way back to the Revolutionary War.  The buff color was chosen by General George Washington, who had been directed by the Continental Congress to proscribe the uniform for the regiments of the New Jersey Continental Line.  General Washington directed that the soldiers' coats should be dark blue with buff facing.  His choice of colors honored the original Dutch settlers of New Jersey as these were the colors of the Netherlands.


In 1780, the Continental War Officers issued a directive that each regiment should carry two flags: the United States flag and a state flag bearing the color of the regiment's uniform facing.  In 1896, New jersey officially adopted this color for their state flag in a joint resolution of the state legislature.  


The state coat of arms is centered on the flag.  The blue shield in the center contains three plows, representative of the state's agricultural commerce.  A horse's head appears above the shield.   On either side of the shield a woman stands with her hand resting on its top.  The women represent the goddesses of Liberty and Agriculture.  A blue ribbon below the shield honors the year of national independence, 1776, and contains the state motto, "Liberty and Prosperity". 


New Jersey State Flags

New Jersey State Flag 3'x5'

New Jersey State Flag 3'x5'

Beautiful, brilliant colors, fast to sun and rain, are dyed into 100% nylon, with its soft supple hand. Our superb construction, complete with heavy canvas heading and brass grommets lasts and lasts. Crafted to exacting specifications, our seals and designs are thoroughly researched and fully authenticated, conforming to official state specifications. All intricate emblems are faithfully and accurately reproduced in fine detail. Specially created for outdoor use.


Large New Jersey State Flags

Nylon New Jersey Fringed Flag with Pole Hem 5 ft. x 8 ft.

Nylon New Jersey Fringed Flag with Pole Hem 5 ft. x 8 ft.

Dyed nylon flag featuring 3 in. flannel-lined pole hem Velcro tabs and golden yellow fringe. Brilliant luster and fast colors make it ideal for indoor display or as a parade flag. The buff color of the flag of New Jersey was chosen by George Washington. The flag depicts the State Seal; the supporters are the female figures of Liberty and Ceres bearing respectively a Cap of Liberty and a cornucopia referring to the motto 'Liberty and Prosperity.'


New Jersey State Flag Stickers

New Jersey Flag


New Jersey State Flag Posters




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