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About the Indiana State Flag


Indiana's is one of our country's simplest and most distinctive state flags.  The flag has its origins in the state's 1916 Centennial celebration.  As part of the festivities, the Daughters of the American Revolution sponsored a competition for the best design for a new state flag.  Up until that time, Indiana had no flag of its own.  The winning design, unchanged to this day, was created by Paul Hadley of Mooresville, and was adopted the following year.


The Indiana states flag consists of a yellow torch surrounded by yellow stars on a dark blue field.  The thirteen stars in the outer ring represent the thirteen original states.  The five stars in the inner semi-circle represent the other five states that entered the Union ahead of Indiana.  The star directly above the torch, larger than all the others, commemorates Indiana's admittance to the Union as our nineteenth state.  The torch symbolizes liberty and enlightenment; the rays shining from it represent the far-reaching influence of these ideals. 


State legislation requires that the outer circle of stars shall be so arranged that one star shall appear directly in the middle at the top of the circle, and the name "Indiana" shall be placed in a half circle over and above the star representing Indiana and midway between it and the star in the center above it.  


Indiana State Flag

Indiana State Flag 3'x5'

Indiana State Flag 3'x5'

Beautiful, brilliant colors, fast to sun and rain, are dyed into 100% nylon, with its soft supple hand. Our superb construction, complete with heavy canvas heading and brass grommets lasts and lasts. Crafted to exacting specifications, our seals and designs are thoroughly researched and fully authenticated, conforming to official state specifications. All intricate emblems are faithfully and accurately reproduced in fine detail. Specially created for outdoor use.


Large Indiana State Flags

Nylon Premium Indiana Flag Kit 5 ft. x 8 ft. flag / 12 ft. x 1-3/8 in. pole

Nylon Premium Indiana Flag Kit 5 ft. x 8 ft. flag / 12 ft. x 1-3/8 in. pole

This classic Indiana flag set has everything you need for a beautiful display. A flag made from beautiful heavyweight all-nylon taffeta with a brilliant luster. The flag is decorated with 2 in. gold bullion fringe and finished with flannel lined pole heading and Velcro tabs. A two-piece oak pole with brass screw joint 1-1/4 in. diameter. A gold cord and tassels. A 7-3/4 in. gold aluminum fancy spear ornament An Admiral floor stand made from cast iron and with a gold anodized aluminum cover. Our Flag spreader enhances flag displays on indoor presentation sets. And don't forget to display a same sized American presentation set with your state flag. Made to order. 


Indiana Hoosier Flags

Sculptured 50' x 28' Indiana Hoosiers Collegiate House Flag from Collegiate Flag Source Indiana Hoosiers 3X5 Flag


Indiana State Flag Posters





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