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About the Alabama Flag


The current flag of the state of Alabama was authorized by the Alabama State Legislature on February 16, 1895.  Although Alabama had been a state since 1819, it had never had an official state flag.  During its years of secession, it flew the Confederate battle flag..   Like Florida's flag, Alabama's was inspired by the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia.  Most of the soldiers from both states fought for that army during the Civil War.  And William Oates, a former regimental commander in the Army of Northern Virginia, was the governor of Alabama when the state's flag was designed.  Oates led the Confederate assault on Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg.  


Alabama's  flag has perhaps the simplest design of all the state flags.  It bears a crimson cross of St. Andrew on a field of white.  The bars must not be less than six inches broad and must extend diagonally across the flag from corner to corner.  The design recalls the Confederate flag.  Alabama and Rhode Island are the only states to fly a square flag.  


Alabama State Flag

Alabama State Flag 3'x5'

Alabama State Flag 3'x5'

Beautiful, brilliant colors, fast to sun and rain, are dyed into 100% nylon, with its soft supple hand. Our superb construction, complete with heavy canvas heading and brass grommets lasts and lasts. Crafted to exacting specifications, our seals and designs are thoroughly researched and fully authenticated, conforming to official state specifications. All intricate emblems are faithfully and accurately reproduced in fine detail. Specially created for outdoor use.


Large Alabama Flags

Nylon Standard Alabama Flag Kit 5 ft. x 8 ft. flag / 12 ft. x 1-3/8 in. pole

Nylon Standard Alabama Flag Kit 5 ft. x 8 ft. flag / 12 ft. x 1-3/8 in. pole

This standard state set includes A flag made from beautiful heavyweight all-nylon taffeta with a brilliant luster. The flag is decorated with 2 in. gold bullion fringe and finished with flannel lined pole heading and Velcro tabs. A two-piece oak pole with brass screw joint 1-1/4 in. diameter A gold rayon cord and tassels A high-impact styrene plastic spear ornament A Liberty style sand-filled floor stand made from high-impact styrene plastic with a gold vacuum-plated finish. Our Flag spreader enhances flag displays on indoor presentation sets. And don't forget to display a same sized American presentation set with your state flag. Made to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. Shipping Charges Due to the weight and size of this kit and based on the final shipping destination shipping charges will vary. Actual ship charges will be applied at the time of ship. Please feel free to contact us at sales for an estimated shipping charge.



Alabama State Flag Stickers

Alabama State Flag


Crimson Tide Flags

Alabama Crimson Tide 3X5 Flag Alabama Crimson Tide Sculptured Flag


Alabama State Flag Posters



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