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Welcome to TheseUnitedStates - District of Columbia

A federal district, coextensive with the city of Washington, D.C., the US capital.   The 2000 census has the District's population at 572,059, a 5.7% decline from 1990.  No state lost population during the same time period.   The area encompasses 68 square miles.

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District of Columbia fun facts:


District of Columbia State Bird:  Wood thrush

District of Columbia State Flower:  American beauty rose

District of Columbia State Motto:   Justice For All

District of Columbia State Tree:  Scarlet Oak


The geographic center of the District of Columbia is located near 4th and L streets.  The highest point, at 410 feet is at Tenleytown, the the NW part of the district.  The area was named in 1791 for Christopher Columbus.


Brief History:  Governed under federal law, the District was created in 1790-91 from 100 square miles of land taken from the states of Maryland and Virginia.  The Virginia portion was returned in 1846.  DC lies on the west central edge of Maryland on the Potomac River, opposite Virginia.  The 23rd amendment to the Constitution (1961) granted residents the right to vote for president and vice president for the first time since 1800 and gave them three members in the Electoral College.  The first such votes were cast in the November 1964 election.


Among the many tourist destinations in  DC are the US Capitol;  the White House; the Lincoln Memorial; the Washington Monument; the Vietnam Veterans Memorial; the Korean War Veterans Memorial; the FBI; the Smithsonian Institution; the Roosevelt Memorial; the National Gallery of Art; the Library of Congress; the John F. Kennedy Center; and the Holocaust Memorial Museum.


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