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Pennsylvania Calendars:

Wild & Scenic Pennsylvania 2014 Wall Calendar

Wild & Scenic Pennsylvania 2014 Wall Calendar

Pennsylvania is a state with a diverse and glorious natural landscapes. It's flora and fauna, coastal waters, lush forests, and impressive foliage all play part in making Pennsylvania such a heart-warming place. The natural treasures of the Keystone State include 116 state parks, which are home to white-tailed deer, black bears and the hemlock tree. Pay homage to this breathtakingly beautiful state with this Wild & Scenic Pennsylvania wall calendar.

Pittsburgh 2014 Wall Calendar

Pittsburgh 2014 Wall Calendar

Pittsburgh, a city whose wealth once surpassed almost all of other American cities, stands tall and proud along the banks of its three rivers. Its Steel City moniker, though apt for its recognition of a tradition of hard work and industrial prowess, is somewhat misleading. The Pittsburgh calendar appreciates the under-appreciated grandeur of this very picturesque city.

Philadelphia 2014 Wall Calendar

Philadelphia 2014 Wall Calendar

Philadelphia will take you back to the time of America's beginning. Both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were adopted here, and Philadelphians will proudly tell you this "City of Brotherly Love" was the first capital of the United States. Stepping into the present, we find that Philadelphia is a still a city with much energy and character. Tour this historical city through this wall calendar of and see history come alive.

Discovering Pennsylvania 2014 Wall Calendar

Discovering Pennsylvania 2014 Wall Calendar

This wall calendar features 12 different scenic views of the State of Pennsylvania, with informational text under each picture. The perfect way to discover Pennsylvania! EAN: 9781585837823

Philadelphia 2014 Planner

Philadelphia 2014 Planner

The 2014 Philadelphia Datebook is not only a practical daily planner, but also a valuable city resource guide with city maps and websites, city attractions, calendar of events, sports schedules and much more. It features a weekly and monthly calendar layout for maximum planning capability and includes a phone book section; notes section; restaurant, book and movie recommendations sections; as well as an inside pocket for loose papers and tickets.


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